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Every year in India when school sessions end, more than 10 crores kilograms of books are bought fresh and the same volume of books goes to scrap dealers at the rate of ₹ 7 to 8 per kg, who definitely don't study those books.

Every year to make this much volume of books, it takes more than 20 lacs of trees cut down, 7000 crore gallon of water, 38 crore gallon of oil, 400 crore kilowatt of energy.

We are getting our children educated for their bright future but unknowingly ruining their world by degrading environment.

School text books' sets are sold to scrap dealer for ₹ 40-50, and bought new ones for ₹ 1000 to 5000. When we start selling or sharing used books for ₹ 200 to 1000 or free, we save money on getting them also.

Whoever wish to participate in the environment saving movement is welcome to this platform. You can submit details of your used books through "give books" page. Your details are published in "get books" page. 

Please remember to give your books (if you have) before getting from others. Our site doesn't charge anything for listing facility.

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